Thursday, October 27, 2016

1 Year

Dear Justice,

My sweet boy! You are a year old! How can this be!?! So much so, that I've struggled with writing you letters almost every single month because I feel like Time has been a terrible thief and I don't want acknowledge that its won!

That said, the inevitable happened and your very first birthday rolled around. In fact, it rolled right in during the Epic Plague of 2016. For TWO WEEKS our family has been fighting the stomach bug from Hades. First Ransom, then me, followed shortly by you. Oh sweet boy. The only tiny ( and I mean teeny) good thing is that you and I have had a lot of quality cuddle time the last few days. We've slept together for three nights in a row when we were both fever-y and sad. And then yesterday when everything you swallowed quickly came out the other end ( one day when you're a little older we will laugh about the word POOP together, it'll be grand.) you sat in my lap and laid your head against my chest, ALLL daaaaaay looooong. And a really huge part of me loved every second. Because to be honest, you're not really big on the cuddles. You like to go!
Most days you are cruising around the house NON STOP. The only times you deem it worthy to stop is if you've some how gotten past all our barriers and gotten into the bathroom and you are able to lean dangerously far over the bathtub side, or ...even better stick your hands in the toliet ( that ONE TIME!!! and it will HAUNT ME FOREVER!!!). You also get pretty excited if you can get into your brother and sisters room and climb on as many pieces of furniture and toys you can find. Oh what joy! To find trouble!

Thankfully, you have found a few other hobbies and have enjoyed dancing ( the 'wave your arms like you just don't care' is your signature move), knocking all the magnets off the fridge, pushing your wagon full of books ( to weigh it down so it doesn't go impossibly fast!), playing peek-a-boo with yourself, destroying your siblings toys with your laser eyes (ok, this isn't true. You don't have laser eyes, but you would THINK YOU DID the way your siblings start screaming when you even LOOK towards them when they are playing! But don't worry, I've told them they are just going to have to get use to it! You're going to be even MORE in their stuff then you are now! hashtag third child forever) and crawling away from people laughing maniacally. I can already tell that as soon as you learn to walk ( read: run) that you and your sister are going to agree that being chased is the best game possible.

On that point, I am happy to say that you are following in your siblings foot steps and falling into the "late walker" category! You currently don't even like to stand un-assisted unless you are tricked into doing so. As soon as you realize what has happened, you sit right down.  Hallelujah! I still haven't recovered from you learning to crawl! I also haven't recovered from having to take you to the ER on your birthday-eve for an IV drip because of this awful virus, but thankfully on the other hand I also haven't recovered from how cute you looked at your very first pumpkin patch, which we attended this month or how you didn't cry at ALL at the fireworks at the Corn Maize, or how you were a perfect angel even though it was 2 hours past your bedtime when we were leaving. Of course, you DID projectile vomit all over yourself and the car a little later as payback, but that's kinda normal for you!

In fact, even though you've really had a relatively "calm" month in the throwing up department you knew that I'd be nostalgic today and you decided to mark your birthday by throwing up all over aisle 7 at HEB. Awww. How did you know that probably the one word I'd use to describe this last year would probably be "puke"?!? Anyway, it was a sweet gift.
One that really did remind me that its nice when your kid throws up because they are actually SICK ( which I am pretty sure was the case this time) rather than just their normal wednesday afternoon activities. One day we will look back at this year and shake our heads, we'll have forgotten the smell of vomit, the very very stained carpet in your bedroom ( although that'll probably still be there, I don't think we will have been able to afford to get you new carpet anytime soon, sorry), the hundreds of loads of laundry or the fact that I don't just carry changes of clothes for you in the car, but also for myself thanks to that time you threw up on me while we were picking your brother up from school. Yes, one day these will all be things we laugh at together. And I am really glad for that. I am so glad that you are in my life. In OUR life! Ransom rushed home from school with the card he had made for you in class, and Tabitha wore her balloon skirt today in your honor. Your father and I absolutely swoon at your little chubby face and your three toothed-smile. You are our delight.

One day you will grow up and you will show Christ's love to others, you will be a Man of Justice for those who have none or are to weak to stand up for themselves. You will change the world, even if it is just for one person. Oh how thankful I am for you!

Happy Birthday Justice Tirian,

Saturday, August 13, 2016

9 Months

Dear Justice,

Oh Sweet Boy! How are you 9 months old?! I really hate writing your monthly letters because I hate to think how time is flying by! You are the sweetest most lovable baby and I just want to bottle you up for later. This was a busy one for you! We celebrated your first fourth of July, you got one more tooth ( now you have two little bottom teeth with which to chew all the solid foods that you love!). You learned to crawl a little better and have definitely mastered the "mechanics" now you just have to really WANT to go somewhere...otherwise you'd rather just sit happily and chew on a few toys. We are living up your immobility right're brother and sister have NO IDEA that difficulties ahead of them, hahaha!

People keep asking me if you're crawling etc. and I say, "THANKFULLY NO!" Seriously, sweet boy, I know its right around the corner so I'm just enjoying you right where you are!

This month your Uncle Asa and Aunt Jillian visited with some of your cousins and we had such fun with them! You played happily with Fern who's only 4 months older and were super patient with being "loved hard"...haha!

This month when we took you to your 9 month check up we learned that you had dropped even lower on the growth chart. This wasn't TOO surprising since you do not seem to like liquids ( any liquids) in ANY form. You nurse only for a few minutes tops, you will take one or maybe two sips for all the trillions ( seemingly) of sippy cups and bottles I have used! While you love solid foods its hard to get you all the calories that you need. We are not working hard to figure out what we can do for you, but while we wait for a solution, you remain as happy and sweet as ever!

You're pain tolerance is exceptionally high ( I feel like *I* cry more than you do when having blood drawn!) and you flirt with anyone who will pay attention to you! Your brother and sister love to make you smile and they fight over who will get to hold you. I know I should let them hold you more, because you're already getting too big! And you also don't like to sit still long any more! hahaha!

Thanks for being the best baby ever!

I love you,

Monday, June 27, 2016

8 Months

Dear Justice,

Oh Sweet Boy! What a month we've had! When I look back at what you accomplished in just one short month, I really am so amazed by you! First of all, we had to go through some sleep training this month...

Daddy was gone for a few weeks, and there is nothing like only being down to one parent to draw attention to the fact that you were waking up a LOT at night- not necessarily to eat- in fact, you didn't really need or want to nurse, you just wanted a paci and a few pats....but you do that 3 or 4 times a night and, well, things just start to get tense. And mommy starts crying at 8 am.

SOoOOoooo...After two nights of a little crying ( ok, a lot...mostly on my part) you were sleeping all the way until your 5am feeding! HOORAY!

This month you also totally gave up your 3rd nap! See?!?! I told you! It was a huge month! You did so much! This REALLY helped with your troubles getting to sleep in the evening. However it meant several weeks of very early bedtimes, usually only making it till about 6:30.

This month you also pulled up to standing ( IN THE BATH TUB! of all places!) and got very good at sitting and reach as faaaaaar as you possibly can without actually crawling. haha!

Your eating habits improved ever so slightly- you have now decided you'll eat most bread products and also, wait for it, MEAT! Insanely you will suck on a giant chunk of meat contentedly for a long period of time! Go figure! I guess you're already a meat and potatoes kinda guy. ;-)

So there you have it! You remain, as always, the greatest of joys! I am so thankful for every single special day with you!

xoxo, Your Mommy

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

6 and 7 months

Oh, my sweet son!!

As you can see from the date I missed a letter last month. I wish I had a really good excuse, but mostly I just hit a bit of a rough patch Mommy-wise at the end of your 5th month and it took me a few weeks to get back to normal.

It turns out that it doesn't matter how sweet and wonderful you are as a baby ( which, by the way, you remain the sweetest, best tempered baby ever) its still a bit rough to be outnumbered by small people! Particularly when your Daddy is gone a lot for work and then goes out of town for 5 days-which is exactly what happened at the end of April. In fact, it seemed to me that you might actually seem to notice when only one parent is around in the evening because that seemed to be when you had a rough time going down at night and you would cry and cry! Still not sure what that's about, but you've definitely had some trouble sleeping at night the last two months!

But, lets forget about that! Let's focus on your days you started to sit up at the end of your 6th month and heading into your 7th month. And now that you're 7 months old you're a champion sitter! You hardly even need pillows around you any more! You've even learned how to transition from sitting into laying on your stomach with mostly ease and grace...but sometimes you DO face plant and have to have a bit of a cry! Poor buddy!

And while you mostly have ZERO desire to be mobil at all, there have been a handful of times that I have found you not where I left you, on your blanket, but a few feet away-usually playing with one of your siblings non-baby-sanctioned toys.
Seriously. I pray on the DAILY that Jesus will protect you from tiny lego pieces or some other choking hazard. It seems nearly impossible to protect you from all these tiny plastic toys that seem to procreate here in our home. I'm not so secretly glad that you have found little to no interest in crawling as of yet! Much safer for all!

We also introduced some "solid" foods into your diet when you were 6 months old because your doctor thought maybe that was your nighttime problem- you were hungry! However, you mostly spent a whole month turning your nose up at various baby foods. It wasn't until you were about to turn 7 months when we had a quick visit to Nacogdoches and Papa insisted on feeding you oyster crackers that you decided you didn't mind eating. You for sure really enjoyed practicing your "pincher" skills and picking up the pieces of cracker.

Of course it would be that the only thing you seem to consistently keep down in cheerios. All teeny tiny pieces of fruit and veggies that I have tried to give you, tend to be thrown up about the second or third piece because you inevitably gag. Annnnnyway, you're clearly not starving to death so we'll just keep "practicing" and hope you get the hang of this eating thing eventually!

Toward the end of your 6th month we had three weeks in a row of travel-first to Nacogdoches for Great Steve's fathers funeral. Then we had a lovely family beach weekend at Port Aransas the following weekend- I realized before we left that it was the first time we had been to the beach since Tabitha was even born! So it was a first time at the beach for both of you! It was a BLAST and you seemed to really enjoy splashing around in the water and digging you fists into the sand! I was happily surprised that you really didn't try to eat much sand-which was my biggest concern, and you patiently dealt with a lot of lack of sleep since you decided you'd much rather just NOT nap then to take a nap on the beach-much to my disappointment. I guess Wilson Children just aren't meant to sleep on the beach! I just figured if any of my kids were going to do it, it would be you!
Luckily, you're pretty sweet and chill even when you've skipped a nap or two and you remained the best thing on the whole beach-just about every person who walked by us would stop and remark on the adorable baby in the floppy beach hat. ( you are, by FAR the fairest baby I've had! I honestly don't know what to do about this white white skin! I'm obsessed with keeping you covered up! haha!)

The very next weekend after our little getaway we had to drive to Nacogdoches again because there was no one to bring Daddy back from delivering your Uncle Josh's belongings to him. This meant you and your siblings were subjected to 10 hours in the car in the course of 48 hours. Thankfully there were some cuddles with Spicy, Papa, Aunt Anna and Uncle Ryan stuck quickly into the middle to make it a little more enjoyable-but honestly, your traveling situation was less then ideal! You're old enough to need entertainment but not old enough to watch cartoons like your siblings do when they get bored in the car! It was definitely not your favorite to have to be in the car AGAIN for the third weekend in a row, and you were also suffering from your first ear infection- but even then you only cried for the last bits of the trip coming and going and mostly when you got upset you just practiced your various consonant sounds at top volume for large lengths of time without getting into full blown cry mode....definitely can't fault you for that! I felt like complaining a bit myself! hahaha!

So, I think that catches us up! Looking back, you've grown and learned a lot over the last two months and it blows my little mommy heart out of the water that you're officially over half a year old! You remain the sweetest baby with the sweetest smiles and I cannot imagine life without you!
( You're by far my favorite child right now, don't tell your siblings)

Love, Mommy

Thursday, March 31, 2016

5 Months

Dear Justice,
You turned 5 months old on Easter Sunday! Kind of a cool way to celebrate having 5 full months with you in our lives. That said, to be perfectly honest, I was not celebrating this particular milestone because 5 months just seems so old. And I don't know if its because you're the third child or  because you're so chill and undemanding or what-but I just don't feel like I haven't  gotten quite enough snuggles out of you.

Yup, snuggling you is by far the BEST thing of a lot of my days this month. You brought me a lot of joy in an otherwise very stressful month. This month your cousin Olivet took up the baby-drama torch and she carried it even higher than you did, spending much of the first month of her life in hospital after hospital. Even ending up here in San Antonio! Thankfully the Lord continues to show us how much He loves you sweet babies ( and the rest of us!) and He has done some wonderful prayer-answering which means we got to have a pretty fun photo shoot with Olivet before she went back home ( hopefully for the very last time!). Nothing like a picture with a 1 month old to make you look huge and grown up!

You're thighs continue to be mega squeeze worthy as are your cheeks. You still laugh pretty much any time someone sings to you, or "tosses" you up into the air. This month you graduated into the very same exersaucer that your brother and sister both loved. At first I wasn't sure if you were quite ready for it, you kept getting your arms trapped down in the leg holes-dont ask me how-and then would be sadly resting your chin on the edge of the exersaucer just calmly waiting for someone to come in and rescue you! But now you're a pro and can spin around and play with all the different toys at your whim.  You eye hand coordination has really excelled and your love for chewing on everything you can get your hands on has only increased. Current favorite chewing things are Sophie the Giraffe and plastic rings as well as the little mirrored flower that hangs on your play chair.

This month you did very little day time sleeping. In fact, I started to wonder if we'd some how broken you with all of our day time outings ( honestly it isn't that many, its just we have to leave the house SOMETIME, ya know!?) but I think you were just learning and growing and sure enough by the last week of the month you were back to sleeping like a champ during the day and at night.

Your current ( on a good day) schedule is:

Wake up around 8 and coo in your bed till I finally take pity on you and feed you around 8:30 ( awesome mom award, right here!)

You usually take a 45-1 hr nap around 10 ( sometimes its as short as 15 minutes because this is usually the nap you have to take on the "go")

you eat around 12 and then take another hopefully longer nap around 1pm.

You eat again at 3 and have another nap around 4:30/5 ( depending on how long your other naps last this one gets pushed around a bit) and you wake up and eat around 5:45/6pm...exactly when Mommy is usually sitting down to eat dinner.

You then "go to bed" at 7pm and we wake you up for a "late feeding" around 10 or 11 so that you'll sleep until 5:30 or 6am. This feeding is probably your Daddy's favorite because he gets quality time getting to look at you before we put you back down. You're always uber sleepy ( since we just woke you up and all!) and want to go back to bed, but you're still willing to get lots of smiles and coos if we ask you.

You're pretty much the best, sweetest baby ever and when you actually got legitimately fussy this month I was at a total loss of what to do with you! I had forgotten all my soothing skills because you have just not needed them! hahah!
So thanks for getting out of that particular little season quickly! Also thank you for being such a joy in our lives!

We love you so much!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

4 Months

Dear Justice,

What a month you've had! First off, you did finally get to see the same radiologist again for your follow up upper GI and swallow test- it showed, what we already knew: God had healed you! It was truly exciting to see just HOW much!! While the first time you'd had the upper GI you're little body was CONTINUALLY, it showed only one time of reflux the whole study! Pretty incredible! And what a testimony of the Lord's mercy and love for us!

Of course, as irony would have it this month was by far your fussiest month-I wondered if all the gassy/colicy business was because you were now 100% breastfed and you just weren't use to that? But really you had already been pretty much breastfed other than the nighttime feedings and your fussy times didn't coincide with that...see? I clearly put a lot of time and thought into what was going on. But bottomline you've had some serious unhappy times this month!! But, thankfully that's what it is to be a baby and you deserve some uninterrupted scream time. Let's just let it be done, ok?! ;-)

Now, don't get me wrong 90% of the time you're still the happiest most giggly laid-back baby ever! You even did some rolling over and enjoyed time in the Bumpo seat and of course were sweet and cool about life in general.

You went to Nacogdoches with Mommy this month-just the two of us-to see your newest cousin Olivet. You were a dream baby on both trips-only crying at the very end -as in like the last 20 minutes of a 6 hour trip! DREAM BABY!
And spent our time in Nacogdoches being passed from one grandparent to the next with equal coos and smiles for all! In fact, the one full day in Nacogdoches we spent the majority of it up at the hospital waiting for Olivet to be born- because of one thing or another all three of your daily naps equalled about 30 minutes each and yet did you fuss and cry? Nope. Not once.
You would even wait patiently for me to come feed you if I was tied up with your Aunt Anna or some other distraction.
One nap, I literally swaddled you, stuck the paci in your mouth, put your noise maker lamb next to you on the couch and just diverted my eyes for about 5 minutes and you went right to sleep! Who does that?!

Yes, we love your laid-back ways and are grateful for the joy that you bring to our lives. You're perfectly happy to chew on your fist and drool enough to fill up swimming pools and watch the world go by!

We can't wait to see what you decide to do next, and we love all that you bring to our family!

All my love,

Monday, January 25, 2016

3 Months

Dear Justice,

Oh my sweet boy! Time is definitely going by pretty fast, as it always seems to in the first few months...and yet it also seems like you've been around a LOT longer than just three months! What's with that!? Anyway, I just wanted you to know a few things about this last month's developments. First of all, you are now down to only having your evening and nighttime feedings pumped and thickened! Hooray! What a relief! It also seems to not have affected you much at all! And we've also thankfully dropped you down to only ONE dose of Reglan a day-this is really good news because that stuff is not the greatest medicine and I am constantly praying that none of its awful side effects ever reach your little body...the reason for these changes is we finally got to visit the GI specialist and he was pleased with your progress. He has also scheduled another Upper GI and swallow study to be done next week and I have been praying all month that the results would show that your reflux has all but gone away! I'm also praying the same radiologist is there to preform the study so that he too can be amazed by the work of the Lord! I'll let you know what happens...

Other than your reflux non-issues the only news is that you're continuing to develop your own little personality-easy with the smiles and babbles and enjoying getting to sit in the bumbo seat and lay on the play mat ( I finally decided it was safe since you have hardly been spitting up at all!)-we've got to get those neck and back muscles strong! You definitely have distinct cries-something I don't really remember as much with your brother and sister-and the one where you're ticked off or straight up mad is kind of my favorite ( isn't that mean of me!?) I guess its just sort of fun to see that you ARE a little person with your own definite opinions! For instance you've recently started NOT liking it when I talk while I'm feeding you. You really get mad! I suppose you want me to sit in silence while you eat- sorry friend, that just can't happen! 

You're rocking a 10pm till 4:30am ( it would be later, but I have to pump before you can eat so that stinks) sleep time  and are on a pretty good 9am,12, 3pm, 6pm eating schedule otherwise. Most days at least ONE of your naps is nonexistent to short because of the need for us to leave the house.  Turns out it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get anything done with your current 3 naps a day plus your sister's one nap. So yeah. Mommy is a tad stir crazy. 
But sweet boy, you are worth a little stir craziness. We live for your smiles and your babbles and can't wait to watch you grow even more! 
Praising the Lord for all He has done in your life so far! Mommy